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Fic: The Price of Beauty by Sapphy

Ever wanted the know what Joker on a shopping spree would be like? Well wonder no more!

You know what I don’t get?

How more people aren’t talking about the Runaways? I mean come on guys, not only is is a comic built on the premise of ‘what if the breakfast club had superpowers and fought giant evil jewish aliens’, it has queer main characters, and gender fluid main characters, and main characters of colour, and great character developement, and depressed characters and Molly Hayes is the cutest person ever and I want to marry Xavin and I don’t understand how you’re not all reading it!

And also it has dinosaurs.

Rec: Only the Tender Meat by Isagel

Fandom: Hannibal

Pairing: Will/Hannibal

Summary: Will has some very unusual fantasies

Review: there’s a strange kind of beauty to this fic, and a quiet contemplative attitude which would seem totally at odds with the content if it weren’t for Hannibal, who seems constitutionally incapable of getting worked up about anything. A must read for Hannigraham shippers

Rec: Bogarted by HalfFizzbin

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Derek/Stiles

Summary: Derek gets hit by a film noir curse

Review: this is maybe not as long as I’d like, given the hilarity of the idea, but really that’s my only criticism. Derek is forced to narrate his life in weird film noir metaphors. I have no idea how no-one thought of this before now…

Rec: The Art On His Skin by slythatheart

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Stiles/Danny

Summary: It’s entirely possible Danny might have a piercings kink. But just a little one.

Review: this is stupidly hot, while also being sweet and in character. You should all go read it now.

Rec: Gunpowder and Gunmetal by etothepii

Fandom: Batman

Summary: Joker plays a little game

Review: any of you who’ve hung around here for any length of time will know that etothepii is a great writer, and when what they’re writing is Joker choking himself on his own gun? Yeah, this fic was always going to be a winner.

Fic: Thor's Second Epic, or: Grocery Run by sanura

Fandom: Avengers

Summary: Thor goes shopping

Rec: If it be the princeling Thor

Who thrills your heart and fills your waking thoughts

Then you needs must this fic to read

And let Sanura’s wit delight your mind

 New chapter of a Suit of Sable is up, and Stiles is finally making an appearance

Fic: A Suit of Sable

A new fic in the Real Boy universe, giving Peter’s perspective