1. mythaelogy:

    but tumblr’s so conflicting because on the one hand it’s so incredibly creative and some of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen have come out of this website and it’s taught me so much about analysing and it’s also extremely forward thinking and the general community is fluid in its understanding of social justice which is extremely progressive

    but on the other hand, it’s so toxic and you get sent ridiculous anon hate if you have so much as an opinion and i don’t know if it’s the perfect arena to exemplify what human nature truly is or just the twisted combination of arrogant people who think they’re more informed and therefore above other people but it can get really dangerous and eugh

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  2. Kneel Before Me Puny Humans! (I have decided to become a supervillain. It’s the only thing to do with a lipstick this colour. That or get punched by Captain Kirk)

  3. outrising:

    A lead character in UK children’s TV series Wizards Vs. Aliens has come out as gay. 

    The series finale, which aired on British channel CBBC today (Thursday), saw wizard star Tom Clarke attempt to save the world from an apocalypse with best friend Benny Sherwood. When Tom frets about cancelling a date with a girl due to being stuck in space, Benny announces that he is ‘the equal and opposite’ of his friend, before telling him that he would go on a date ‘one day, but not with a girl’. Tom replies in the most awesome way: “The planet needs to survive so you can go on your very first date”. 

    Now that’s how coming out speeches should be done. To the point and without judgement. But not necessarily in space. 

    Much praise to CBBC. 

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  4. It’s Harry Potter meats Doctor Who, written by Russell T Davis, starring Gwendoline Christie, and with an openly gay POC teenage central character. Yes that’s right, a kids show, that airs on a channel specifically for kids, has an openly gay teenage character. Sometimes really love the Beeb

  5. New chapter of A Real Boy is now up, and things aren't looking good for Stiles and Isaac

  6. What do you think of the new look?

  7. Okay, so a lot of tumblr users offer to always be there for their followers, no matter what. I’m not that great at talking, and I know from experience that talking doesn’t always help. So instead, I’m officially opening the Bad Day Prompts. When life is getting you down, and you just need a boost, drop me a line. Tell me your favourite pairing, and a trope or kink or whatever that always cheers you up, and I’ll write you a minimum of 1000 words, guaranteed to be posted within 24 hours. I promise. I will miss sleep if I have to to get it too you.

    This is open to anyone. You don’t have to be following me, your life doesn’t have to be falling apart. It doesn’t matter if you’re sad over something really small and stupid, or something huge and life changing. It doesn’t matter if you put in requests every day for a week. This is me, saying I’m going to be here for you no matter what, in my own idiosyncratic way.

    You can also be as specific or vague in your prompt as you like, and feel free to tell me stuff you really don’t want included. This is for you guys, not me, and the last thing I want is to accidentally trigger you with my attempt to cheer you up.

    Now is there a way of making this post sticky? Or of making tumblr repeatedly post this so people have a chance to see it when they need it?

  8. New chapter of Tread Softly is up!

  9. squeakykins:


    I know my crappy pics don’t fully illustrate my point
    I’m just sick of going to movies or reading comics and out of the infinite possibilities out there for aliens, male aliens are the only ones who ever have any sort of variety

    the same can be said for basically any non-human race tbh

    Sounds to me friend like what you need is Marvel Comics! Where:

    Male Alien

    Female Alien

    Non-binary Alien

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  10. A really long AU fic where Xavier didn’t abandon his son to be experimented on by mad scientists and spend his life strapped to a lab bench in a chemically induced coma. I need an AU were David went to school, and was embarrassed by his dad, and had friends, and went to prom, and stressed over exams, and ate too much candy, and sassed his professors, and irritated the hell out of everyone by beating every danger room exam without trying. I just need an AU where David actually had a decent childhood, okay?


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